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Deliveries of electronic components and technical consulting.

Distribution of electronic components

As an authorised partner we offer electronic components of following manufacturers:

  • TEXAS INSTRUMENTS - our main partner. We offer full range of products from TI, starting from DSP processors, MSP430 processors, MSC121x processors with 24 bit converter, tools for creating your own applications using above processors, as well as other IC's from TI offer - convertres, power managment products and the others.
  • FERROXCUBE - wide range of ferrite cores made in various materials for frequencies up to 10MHz. Several core shapes (toroids, rods, tubes, drums, planar cores and standard transformer cores like E, ETD, RM, pot cores, EP, ER, U shapes). Also several products for EMI suppression or telecom applications working up to 1GHz.
  • WEISSER - thermoplastic bobbins and boxes (for shapes EE12.6 - EE40L, ETD29 - ETD49, EFD 15 i 25, EI38 - EI192, UI30 - UI180, toroids) and technical injection moulded parts - mainly for electronic and electrical industries, several accesories (pins, insulating washers, side insulations, terminal rails).
  • ADELS CONTACT - terminal blocks and connectors for luminaires, mains supply connectors for electrical appliances, print connectors for electronic application, screw and screwless connectors for ballasts, transformer connectors, connecting systems for building technology.
  • SUPERTEX - high voltage analog and mixed signal semiconductors, primarily to interface between low voltage computer signals and high voltage applications for use in the telecommunication, networking systems, flat panel displays, LED driving, medical and industrial electronics industries.
  • ACP - single turn trimmers, control potentiometers and rotary switches, carbon and cermet. Wide range of spindles thumbwheels and other accesories.
  • ERNI - broad line of interconnects for the telecommunications, data communications, computer, industrial and medical markets.
  • UCHIYA THERMOSTAT - Japanese quality multiple use bimetal thermostats for thermal protection of transformers, electrical motors, electronic circuits, hair dryers etc. All protectors are 100% tested in the manufacturing plants. VDE, UL and CSA safety standard approvals.
  • ILME - Italian manufacturer of equipment for industrial installations - connectors, distribution panels, boxes and lighting fittings.
  • THINKING - provides a broad line of protective circuit components, including over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, and over-current protection. The product portfolio offers negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC thermistor), zinc oxide varistors (MOV), ceramic positive temperature thermsitors (PTC thermistor), polymer postitive temperature coefficient thermistors (Polymer PTC resettable fuse), temperature sensors, and gas discharge tubes.
  • VACUUMSCHMELZE - is a leading global manufacturer of advanced magnetic materials and related products.
  • HITACHI - Hitachi AIC's Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors are available in both Screw Terminal and Snap-In models.

Complex deliveries of electronic components for production

On our customers' demand we are able to offer full range of electronic components for production according to the customers' schedules. We also cooperate with several other manufacturers to complete our range of products for our customers.

Design of new products

Thanks to our design and application engineers we are able to design electronic devices based on products we offer (mainly TI processors). We are also able to offer assembly and deliveries of ready to use products we have designed on our customers' demand.

Technical support

We offer our customers specialised technical support for the products we sell. We also orginise trainings for design engineers.