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FERROXCUBE FERROXCUBE - ferrite cores, bobbins

Category name:FERROXCUBE - ferrite cores, bobbins
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Ferroxcube is a leading manufacturer of magnetic materials and cores. Building on its Philips Magnetic Components heritage and contemporary manufacturing plants located in Poland and China, Ferroxcube offers customers a wide range of materials, ferrite cores and inductive components for a variety of applications.

Power conversion: E, EI, UI, ETD, EFD cores, toroidal cores, ferrite and iron powder based, gapped ferrite toroids.

Signal transformers and filters: pots, PT cores, rods and toroids.

Wideband EMI suppressing: multilayer inductors and suppressors, multi-hole cores, ferrite beads and chokes, flat and round cable shields.

Contrans TI is an authorised distributor of Ferroxcube products in Poland and Central Europe. Our own large stock and seamless co-operation with the m1anufacturer, brings the widest offer and flawless delivery service.


Soft ferrite cores, (577)
Toroid cores, (146)
Multilayer chokes and tubes SMD (18)
EMI - Suppression products - chokes beads and others, (66)
Samplebox, (0)