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ERNI offers a wide variety of connectors for many different electronic applications.

Analog or digital signals, data, electrical currents and high power can be reliably transmitted via the various connection solutions, such as round connectors, bus plug-in connectors or industrial connectors.

The products connect I/O modules with central assemblies, plug-in boards with backplanes, terminals, cables with PCBs or PCBs with each other.

Thanks to high quality standards and many years of experience in production, the connectors are convincing due to their reliability and performance.


MiniBridge 1.27 mm  (5)
MiniBridge 1.27 mm
MicroCon 0.8 mm (0)
 MicroCon 0.8 mm
MicroSpeed 1.0 mm (4)
 MicroSpeed 1.0 mm
MicroStac 0.8 m (1)
 MicroStac 0.8 m
SMC 1.27 mm (32)
 SMC 1.27 mm
MiniMez 1.27 mm  (0)
 MiniMez 1.27 mm
iBridge 2.0 mm (0)
iBridge 2.0 mm
ERmet 2.0 mm Hard Metric (14)
ERmet 2.0 mm Hard Metric
Ermet ZD High-Speed (2)
Ermet ZD High-Speed
Pre-Aligment Modules (0)
Pre-Aligment Modules
MaxiBridge 2.54 mm (24)
MaxiBridge 2.54 mm
DIN 41612 2.54 mm (39)
DIN 41612 2.54 mm
IDC Terminals (2)
IDC Terminals
Power Taps (2)
Power Taps
High current/coax-contancts (1)
High current/coax-contancts
PowerElements (0)
PCI Express (0)
PCI Express
D-Sub (2)
Modular Jacks (2)
Modular Jacks
Erbic Field Bus InterFace (7)
Erbic Field Bus InterFace
M8 / M12 Circular Connectors (0)
M8 / M12 Circular Connectors