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WEISSER Spulenkorper has been a leading producer of technical plastic parts for over 60 years.

Such experience results in vast offer of catalogue and customised bobbins and boxes.Weisser offers bobbins for ferrite and permalloy based cores: E, EI, UI, M, ETD, RM and toroids; for PCB and panel mount; with soldering terminals and pins for wire-wrapping and SMT or THT soldering.

Weisser offers also potting boxes for EI, UI, M ETD, RM and toroidal transformers, customised boxes and housings.

Quality level is verified by certifications according to ISO TS 16949 as well as DIN EN ISO 9001.


Bobbins and boxes M/E type OD, LP, ST and ST/II (51)
Bobbins and Boxes EI, type OD, OD T, MS, LP, LP/II, ST and ST/II (266)
Low profile bobbins and Boxes EI type ST with molded-in pins (105)
Bobbins and Boxes EI elongated type OD, OD-UL, MS-UL, LP, ST and LP/II (4)
Bobbins and Boxes UI type OD, OD-UL, MS-UL, LP, ST and AC 125 (71)
Low profile bobbins UI and Boxes (30)
Bobbins and Boxes type EE(EF), (70)
Bobbins and Boxes ETD, EFD, EV, EP, RM, P (38)
Boxes and accessories for toroids, (63)
Accessory-Bobbins for pot cores, etc (76)
Accessory-pins and terminals (39)