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OFFER▸ ADELS-CONTACT - Connectors for lighting

ADELS-CONTACT ADELS-CONTACT - Connectors for lighting

More than half a million luminaire connectors, fused connectors, installation plug connectors, LED connectors, LED plug connectors and circular plug connectors IP68 are leaving our factory in Bergisch Gladbach every day. These top-quality safety components are used in the lighting technology, in electrical appliances, in the electronics as well as in electrical installation. With more than 300 employees in more than 60 countries Adels-Contact has successfully positioned itself in the world's market.

Our customers trust in the know-how of our qualified employees. Your demand for high quality and economic products are our innovation potential. Spot-on solutions, longevity of our products as well as an optimum safety are our formula for success - now and in future.

Since 1930, Adels-Contact has been a synonym for intelligent high-end solutions for luminaire connection and appliance connection. Our guiding principle "the safe contact worldwide" stands for innovative strength, product quality and customer focus.

Compliance with all standards such as RoHS, WEEE, PFOS, REACH and CE guarantee the reliability of our products. Adels-Contact sets value on an conservation-conscious use of natural resources which is documented by the quality and environmental management system to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.

Contrans TI is the exclusive distributor of Adels-contact in Poland. Thanks to the far-reaching cooperation successfully implements its supply directly from their own dedicated warehouse.


Installation Plug Connectors EN 61535 (98)
Installation Plug Connectors EN 61535
Low Voltage Connectors AC 162 (7)
Low Voltage Connectors AC 162
Connecting System 160/163 (32)
Connecting System 160/163
Luminaire Connectors, Block Connectors, LINECT (Screwless Connectors) (38)
Luminaire Connectors, Block Connectors, LINECT (Screwless Connectors)
Screw Connectors/Fused Connectors (59)
Screw Connectors/Fused Connectors
Screw-Screwless Connectors/Fused Connectors (4)
Screw-Screwless Connectors/Fused Connectors
Transformer Connectors (66)
Transformer Connectors
PCB Connectors and Pluggable PCB Connectors (12)
PCB Connectors and Pluggable PCB Connectors
Other Connectors (9)
Other Connectors
Special LED Products (10)
Special LED Products
Cable (1)
Circular Plug Connectors AC (IP 6x) (5)
Circular Plug Connectors AC (IP 6x)
LEDtrack (4)