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ADELS-CONTACT Installation Plug Connectors EN 61535

Category name:Installation Plug Connectors EN 61535
Description of categories:The Safe, Flexible Installation
wersja AC 166 G - EN 61535documentation
wersja AC 166 CLASSICdocumentation
wersja AC 164 - EN 61535documentation

Connecting and disconnecting under load is possible in compliance with EN 60320 and EN 61984. According to EN 61535 installation couplers are intended to be connected without load only. When used in easily accessible areas it is stipulated to use locking pins that may be removed by auxiliary tool only. Compliance with the EN 61535 standard does not guarantee hazardavoiding non-interchangeability with connecting systems of various manufacturers. Current rating depends on conductor cross-sections respectively on track dimensions. Our connecting system shall not be used as replacement for the national household connector and socket system


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