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ILME ILME - connectors for industrial

I.L.M.E. SpA - INDUSTRIA LOMBARDA MATERIALE ELETTRICO - has been operating in Milan since 1938, in particular in the electrotechnical sector for the manufacturing of equipment for industrial installations.

The company’s fundamental values are: product innovation, original solutions, excellent price-quality ratio, a customer-oriented sense of service, ethical behaviour and an environmentally-friendly approach.

The heavy duty multipole connectors for industrial purposes are used in electric and electronic machinery, control units, electric panels, control equipment and wherever connections are required for power and signalling circuits (N.B. connectors must not be handled live). They comply with the European standard EN 61984 (derived from the German standard DIN VDE 0627) and the European standard EN 175301-801 (derived from the German standard DIN 43652) where applicable.


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