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ILME Contacts, tools and accessories

Provide the solution to the most diverse installation needs. The extensive range of articles comprises: panel supports for inserts, special enclosures (housing with double outlet, wide housings, housings without outlets, to be punched out, housings for round cables, hoods), insert combination blocks, accessories for CT inserts, interface for printed circuits, kits for control equipment, plates for mounting D-SUB inserts onto enclosures, reducing plates and closure plates, protection lid for transportation, coding pins.

To guarantee the efficiency and safety of the connections a complete series of specific tools is available for contact crimping that assure the maximum quality required by the standards. Manual or pneumatic or electric (battery operated) semi-automatic tools for light production or automatic electro-pneumatic tools for large-scale production are available, together with a complete series of complimentary tools for mounting and dismounting of the crimped contacts.


Contacts (62)
Cable glands, fittings and connector seals (12)
 Cable glands, fittings and connector seals
Tools (16)
COB panel supports (6)
 COB panel supports