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FROLYT FROLYT - electrolytic capacitors

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The offer includes a manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors for general purpose applications, industrialand medical applications, audio equipment and automotive industries.

FROLYT offer different forms of aluminuim electrolytic capacitors in radial, axial, SMD and Pseudo-SMD form - Capacitor for surface mounting utilizing lead-free reflow soldering and meeting the highest requirements, thermo fixing during the soldering process for high endurance against stress of vibration (30g, three planes, fast temperature change). And special developed capacitors for mounting technique "PIN-IN-PASTE" for an optimized reflow process which enable the assembler of circuit boards to omit the passing of wave soldering and to save time and costs.

FROLYT also produces a bipolar SMD capacitor and a very low leakage current series with a very long lifetime. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a service of forming lead according to customer requirements in nearly all forms.


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