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Contrans PRESTO - quick and easy shopping online

Welcome you to use the service Contrans PRESTO - quick purchase online.

Contrans service PRESTO directed first to the users who want to make a quick purchase goods without embarrassing inquiries and negotiate prices.

As the services we will offer the opportunity to purchase online also our regular customers, who will benefit from the discounts and prices negotiated.

Order will be delivered by courier at a price 13 zł net in the event of prepayment or at a price 16 zł net in the event of cash on delivery. You can also use the online payment system dotpay.

To use the service Contrans PRESTO is not required to have user account.


FERROXCUBE - ferrite cores, bobbins (809)
WEISSER - bobbins, boxes (813)
ADELS-CONTACT - Connectors for lighting (345)
ALLOCACOC - PowerCube (22)
VACUUMSCHMELZE - nanocrystaline cores (35)
Common Mode Chokes, Four Phase (CMC) (0)
Magnetic Amplifier Chokes (MAGAMPs) (0)
ACP - potentiometers (204)
ILME - connectors for industrial (305)
FROLYT - electrolytic capacitors (3)
HITACHI - electrolytic capacitors (1)
THINKING - thermistors, varistors (6)
ERNI - connectors, hausings (274)
SWITRONIC - switches (11)
UCHIYA – thermal protectors (38)
Common Mode Chokes (CMC), (0)
Spike Blocker (0)
EURO-CONN - connectors  (9)
WAASNER - transformer core laminations (4)
Sale of stocks (501)